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Subject: EARLY TO WORKIan emerged from his car. It was already hot and the sky was just getting
light. It had been hot all night long.He set the alarm early deciding to beat the hot commute by asian kogal young going to work
very early. So the alarm sounded at 4 am and he reluctantly put clothing
on his naked body. He always slept in the nude but during these hot
nights he slept nude on top of the bedcovers.Carrying his work clothes on a hanger, he walked from the parking lot to
the building wearing his shorts and wife beater. Ian wasn't expecting
anybody else there."Hi" The man was handsome, smiling and dressed in a suit. "I'd ask if it
was hot enough for you but I see you found a way to beat it."Ian nodded "yea figured I'll get dressed later once the building air
conditioning chills the place down"."Good idea" the man said "Maybe I'll strip down till then too. You headed
for the 8th floor?" he asked as he got in the elevator."Yes Sir, you?" Ian asked hoping his cock wasn't revealing his attraction
to the man. He had his usual morning wood when he woke up but decided to
ignore it. Now he wished he had milked it."Yea, thanks. Meet you in the john in about fifteen minutes" the man said
smiling and scratching his crotch.Ian wasn't sure is he young boy stories
had heard correctly. He unlocked the door and a
rush of hot air came from the offices where he worked."Shit" he yelled as he found the thermostat and activated the air
conditioning. He turned his computer on and started the coffee machine.
It was only 5 am. Nobody would be there for another hour or two.He peeled his wife beater off. It was soaked with his sweat already.Ian moved across the hallway to the men's bathroom and stood at the
urinal holding his cock teens young thumbnail letting it drain. It was hard either from the
heat or from his memory of the man in the elevator, so it took awhile to
relax so he could piss."You ok?" The deep voice made Ian jump. "Yea just hot" Ian didn't' turn
around.He felt the man close behind him."Just relax" The man advisedIan's cock was getting harder sweet young cunt now. He felt the man's body so close to his
bare back he could feel the chest hair."I had to do the same thing you did, hung my shirt and jacket up" the man
moved closer so his bare chest was lightly pressed against Ian's back."It's ok, you know?" The man's voice vibrated Ian's body. He felt the
hands on his arms."Having trouble I see" the voice said. Ian didn't' respond. He didn't
have to. The man could see his erection in his hand aimed at the urinal."Maybe you better take care of that first, then you can very young pussie
piss" the voice
said."Yea you're right" Ian said leaning back slightly against the man. He
felt the hands move to his chest and locate his nipples."Maybe I can help" The voice said as fingers began to tease Ian.Ian gasped as the fingers began to pinch, pull and roll his erect
nipples. The action seemed to send jolts through his body."Like that?" the voice asked knowing the answer."Yes SIR" Ian said"Good boy, maybe you need this" the voice responded and Ian felt the man
pressing his hips against Download tata young his buttocks.The fingers were still sending jolts through Ian's body. He knew there
was nothing he wouldn't do now."Shorts off" the voice saidIan let go of his erection and unbuttoned his shorts so they slid down
his legs. As usual he wasn't wearing underwear so he was now practically
naked."Bend boy young pics forward a bit," the voice instructed. Ian didn't answer but youngest teenz bent
over and grabbed his cock again pumping it.The fingers left his chest and Ian almost stopped the action to run back
to the office."It's ok, I've got some stuff," the voice said. Ian felt the man's cock
moving between his asscheeks and find his butthole, as it knew exactly
where to go."Oh god" Ian said as he felt his sphincter stretched open.The hands moved to steady him as the man's hips pressed into him.Ian leaned back gasping for breath."Just breathe normally boy, best porn young Daddy will take care of you" the man's hands
moved around him and round the abused nipples. They pinched them and
rolled them. The jolts he felt earlier started again.Ian pressed back against the cock on which he was impaled. His hand
braced him against the wall and his other kids young cunt
hand found his erection again
and began to pump it.It was at first taking too long, then it lasted not long enough as Ian
cursed his own body for giving in so easily spewing out his sperm into
the urinal and on the sides of it and some on the floor.The man slammed his hips hard into Ian too and his guttural sounds told
Ian his guts were not coated with the man's cum."There now, you should be able to pee," The man said as he pulled his
cock out making Ian jump a bit.He stayed there holding Ian and tickling his buttbone. Strangely it made
Ian's insides relax and a steady stream flowed from his still half hard
cock into the urinal."Here hold mine" the man moved beside Ian taking his hand and putting it
on his cock. "You should hold your new Daddy's cock," the man said, "so
he can piss"They didn't speak. The man sighed as his own bladder full emptied itself.
Ian felt a weird sense of strength in the man's cock as urine flowed
through it."Nice, thanks, now put it away unless you want it," the man said.Ian didn't' put it away but let the man to one of the toilet stalls. He
sat on the toilet and took the man's cock in his mouth, sucking and
tonguing it."Good boy Daddy's cock was inside you now you'll taste what Daddy's cock
spit inside you"To Ian's surprise it didn't take long for the man's cock young thailand porn to begin
spurting down his throat."Here" the man pulled out of beatiful young asian Ian's mouth so a couple of streams
splattered on Ian's face and bare chest."Now rub it in boy" the man's hands went to Ian's nipples again shocking
the boys' cock into hardness as he wiped the man's cum into his skin.The man's hand took the boys cock and jacked it with one hand and slides
his other finger underneath and into his butthole."Work your nipples boy" the man said.Ian imitated the man's hands on his own nipples. He had no control, it
wasn't just the jolts of pleasure his nipples were giving him. It was the
fact that this man was in control of him and seemed to know what he
needed.Ian let out a scream as his body shot out cum. It splattered on the man's
shoes and the floor."Clean it up son"Ian was on his hands and knees licking the man's shoes. The man's finger
had repositioned itself and continued to finger his ass."Good boy" the very young erotic man said helping Ian to his feet and handing him his
shorts."I think you'll make a good boy for me. Meet me after work, you'll follow
me to my hotel."Ian's mind flashed on the plans to meet some friends for dinner and to do
some home base financial work."Yes SIR" he said knowing he had to obey this man who was now in charge
of him."Better go to your office and get dressed, it's six o'clock" the man
smiled patting Ian's shorts covered butt.Ian saw him at lunchtime. He was laughing and eating with other suited
men. Ian tried to pay attention to his own friends. But he couldn't help
but glance at the man. And inside his suit pants, his cock hardened.The man looked over and winked and pointed to his watch. Ian nodded
another "yes SIR"Five o'clock couldn't come fast enough. Ian knew he'd be naked soon and
pleasing his new man, his new Daddy, his new Master. And he wondered if
he was expected to come early to work the next day too.He hoped so.

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